Rock Springs Texas Weddings

Rock Springs Texas -  Book 6

It’s time for some Rock Springs Cowboy Weddings!

Watch your favorite couples from Rock Springs get married and join them for a steamy night on their honeymoons (or wedding night!)

Blaze and Riley shared an extra special surprise with the family on their wedding day. See how Blaze took it!

Sage and Colt were the first to get married in the Ranch Church in nearly 30 years. Do Colt’s nerves get the better of him?

Megan and Hunter have a secret for Ella, get a behind the scenes peek at it and the road trip their honeymoon takes them on!

Jason and Ella had Seth cause drama at their wedding, and we got Ella’s view walking down the aisle. Now get Jason’s and get a peek into their steamy honeymoon!

Mac and Sarah are finally tying the knot, even with Riley on bed rest! Their honeymoon takes them back where it all began!

This Novella just covers the weddings and should be read after you read books 1-5 of the Rock Springs Texas Series.

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