Rock Springs Texas Set

There are countless ways to lasso love, but it’s always steamier in the arms of a cowboy.

Running from the past. Friends becoming lovers. Opposites attracting. Longtime crushes developing into epic romances.

The Cowboy and His Runaway – A protective cowboy and a small town girl on the run. When her past catches up with her, he needs to step up & show her it’s time to stop running.

The Cowboy and His Best Friend – Second chance, friends to lovers – Childhood friends get their long await second chance. A Friends to loves, second chance romance.

The Cowboy and His Obsession – It’s time to convince her the only thing better than being my best friend, is being my wife. A Friends to lovers, Alpha Male, Virgin Hero Romance.

The Cowboy and His Sweetheart – She’s shy, sweet and innocent, he’s a rough bar owning cowboy. Can he convince her and her parents he’s right for her? An age gap romance.

The Cowboy and His Secret – He’s an overprotective cowboy. She has a stalker. Will he be her knight in shining armor? A friends to lovers, virgin hero romance.

Rock Springs Weddings Novella – Book 5 ½  See the above 5 couples get married! You met the characters in the steamy Rock Springs series, now see how they begin their happily-ever-afters in this collection of tales from their wedding days… and nights.

PLUS never before seen chapters from each book! AND A deleted prologue and epilogue from The Cowboy and His Runaway

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Brush the dust off your boots and gallop into the swoon-worthy tales found in the small town of Rock Springs Texas. Where family has your back, everyone knows your business, and men love with everything they have.

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