Cowboy Friends to Lovers Collection

Come watch these cowboys fall in love with their best friends. 

Come watch these cowboys fall in love with their best friends. Small town, second chances, large families, and some hot Texas nights!

This set includes:

The Cowboy and His Best Friend – Second chance, friends to lovers – Childhood friends get their long awaited second chance. A Friends to lovers, second chance romance.

The Cowboy and His Obsession – It’s time to convince her the only thing better than being my best friend, is being my wife. A Friends to lovers, Alpha Male, Virgin Hero Romance.

The Cowboy and His Secret – He’s an overprotective cowboy. She has a stalker. Will he be her knight in shining armor? A Friends to lovers, Alpha Male, Dual Virgin Romance.

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Jim M., Amazon Review

I just finished The Cowboy and His Runaway and throughly enjoyed it and could hardly put it down. Once I got started I got so wrapped up the story l lost track of time. 

Amazon Reviewer

O. M. G. I believe I have fallen I love with Blaze! And that name, I love it! He is the perfect combination of patient, gentle, and domineering. 

Tara, Amazon Review

Kaci takes readers on an emotional and highly compelling journey. I fell in love with the characters. I LOVED everything about this book; the banter, the sweet swoon-worthy moments and the heartbreak that made me cry for them. Definitely recommend reading this book (and the series).

Ekirazi, Amazon Review

A wonderful tale of a family union with several twists and turns.

PA, Amazon Review

… with some evocative Texas imagery showing the author knows her stuff. 

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