The Cowboy and His Beauty

Walker Lake, Texas

She is the girl who got away. He seems all too familiar. Could the man behind the beast be her cowboy in disguise?


I’m back in town licking my wounds after losing my job in Dallas. Only I haven’t told my parents yet. They think I’m in town just visiting.

When I run into the man everyone calls The Beast, I can’t shake the feeling that I know him from somewhere, even if his long hair, beard, and scar make it impossible to figure out where.

It’s only proper Walker Lake ranching tradition to say hello to your neighbors, so I take him to dinner. I never thought I’d get a job offer out of the deal.

And I never would have guessed the true identity of this growly beast.


I find it amusing that Sky doesn’t recognize me, but I guess that’s the whole point.

After my military time, I came home to take over the family ranch.

With Sky gone in Dallas, the ranch was my sole focus until I ran into her again.

With her around, I start to feel human again, and I want people to see me.

When she finally figures out who I am, will she still want me?


The Cowboy and His Beauty is a Beauty and The Beast Retelling set on a ranch with a cowboy who is home from the military. There is tons of small town goodness, quirky characters, a town pet horse, and a little drama and suspense along the way. As always there are your favorite steamy bits, no cheating, and always a Happily Ever After.

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