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Whiskey Run: Cowboys Love Curves

He's her best friend. She's the girl that got away. Now he's coming for her.

We made a just incase pact at 16 to get married and start a family by 30.

It was a backup plan but for me, it's the only plan.

There is no way Kaylee is marrying anyone but me.

The problem is neither of us is ready for that step yet.

So for now, I keep breaking up her dates.

But... last night I think I went too far.

I can't lose my best friend but now she is pushing for something I don't know how to give her... not yet.

But I think I will lose her either way.

Now I'm in the fight of my life, in more ways than one...

Do you love curvy women, possessive cowboys, friends to lovers, and second chances? What about a guy who knows what he wants, small towns, and steamy romance? Then you’ll love Garrett and Kaylee’s story.

Whiskey Run is home to the sexiest and most possessive cowboys you’ll ever find. They work hard and play even harder. They might be gruff and bossy, but all it will take is the right curvy woman to bring them to their knees. Welcome to Whiskey Run... where the cowboys know how to ride.

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Ana A, Amazon Review

Awwwwwww! I loved Kaylee and Garrett’s story!

You’ll root for this meant to be couple from the start. 

Sarah Nielsen, Amazon Reviewer

This was a great friends to lovers romance. It was no surprise to me that this story was great because if someone knows how to write a good cowboy romance it’s Kaci Rose.

Tara, Amazon Review

Kaci takes readers on an emotional and highly compelling journey. I fell in love with the characters. I LOVED everything about this book; the banter, the sweet swoon-worthy moments and the heartbreak that made me cry for them. Definitely recommend reading this book (and the series).

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